Clean graphics without too much clutter make your site pleasing to the eye and present your product or service comprehensibly. With PHP and MYSQL it is possible to create simple but powerful navigation systems so that viewers can browse easily and find just what they need. Other design services we offer include: logo design, banner design, leaflets, presentations etc..."



Our company offers web-hosting services on a secure web server with wide band-width so your website will always be accessible and quick to view. If your site is already hosted, it might still be profitable for you to transfer your website to us.



Content Management System - With a CMS, you can have complete control. With a choice of templates you can design your own website from scratch. Alternatively, you can have the site designed by us, and then manage the content through an easy-to-use online interface. If something important needs to be changed immediately, you can simply access the internet and change it. To try out our CMS, got to



Before we start creating or improving a website we will research to see what is best for you:

  • understanding your requirements

  • research your competition (on the web)

  • identify your target audience


A database driven website separates Design and Content, making it possible to change the content without disturbing the design. It offers:

  • Constructive organisation of large amounts of data.
  • A dynamic web site, enabling viewers to view without wasting time and patience by downloading more than they need.
  • Multiple ways for information to be browsed so people can easily find what they want, in their own way.
  • An optional service for updating information securely online.
  • the possibility to have a powerful search engine for browsing your data.